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Does your relationship feel like the situation on the left? Precarious, only room for one other person safely? 

Do you want to feel more like the picture on the right where there is room for many people in your life to walk together?

Check out our Nonmonogamy 101 course! 

"A heart is not a box you fill up, it expands the more you love."





We combine years of lived experience in nonmonogamy, with formal education in psychology, to specialize in working with alternative relationship styles. 


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The nonmonogamy academy process isn’t just about knowing the basics of nonmonogamy or hearing other peoples’ stories.  Following the process will likely directly lead to growth.


Gain Knowledge

Information is amazing! We combine our knowledge of nonmonogamy on a personal and professional level, our knowledge of how relationships work, and our knowledge of how humans work on a biological, psychological and social level to provide you with a base level of understanding.  Some of this information you may have read in the many great books available to you, but we also will be providing a lot of information you likely haven’t seen unless you have a passion for reading psychology books.

Gain Insight

Insight is about looking at patterns in yourself and others. All of our classes come with worksheets that have journal prompts to help you better understand yourself and your patterns.  Many of the questions will also help you identify needs and desires and differentiate emotions and organize thoughts.  Building insight is great for your mental and physical health.

Gain Skills

One of the biggest values we provide is the toolkit of skills. You will find that many of these skills aren’t just for nonmonogamy, but will be useful in many areas of your life.

Practice Skills

 Often, people think they want to change their behavior when they are having strong emotions.  But these are the times it’s hardest to change those behaviors!  We will give you guidance on how to practice key skills when you aren’t activated so that when you are activated, it’s much easier to put the skills you are gaining into play.


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